Do Ear Plugs Cause Ear Infection?

Do Ear Plugs Cause Ear Infection?

Do Ear Plugs Cause Ear Infection?

It is a common concern of ear plug uses that their plugs may cause an infection. It is certainly the case that some infections are caused by the use of ear plugs. Some of the worst culprits are foam plugs. These are particularly bad if they are reused many times without cleaning or replacing them. As the surface is porous they build up wax and dead skin cells. Bacteria can also accumulate from the ears, fingers and pockets. The rough porous surface of the plugs makes them very difficult to clean. They can be washed but tend to go hard and break. Replacement helps, but many people do not bother.

Wax and soft silicon earplugs can also cause infection by introducing bacteria. Small parts of the plugs may be left behind, building up in the ears and causing irritation.

So what is the solution?

Antibacterial ear plugs. ZenPlugs contain Steritouch which has been proven to kill all of the bacteria which cause ear infection. This includes staph. aureus, pseudomonas and many others. The Steritouch is a brilliant antimicrobial agent which uses silver to kill bacteria without being toxic to humans. The antibacterial effect lasts the whole life of the ear plugs and so reduces the bacterial loading of the plugs and your ears.

ZenPlugs are also wipe clean. As they are made from a non-porous thermoplastic they do not take up water and so remain dry. They can be washed in warm soapy water and run under the tap to clean them. This means that residue can easily be removed.

Signs of infection included itchiness and soreness. This can progress to pain, discharge and muffled hearing.

If you think you may have an ear infection make sure you visit your doctor. This article is not a substitute for medical advice.

Dr Toby Bateson

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