What Causes Ear Pain And Pressure?

Ear pain is a common complaint. It can be unbearable and people often find that over the counter pain killers aren't enough to keep the pain under control. So what are the common causes of ear pain?

Ear infections are a common cause of ear pain. The inflammation stimulates the nerves and causes the discomfort. Perhaps the most severe ear pain is caused by middle any infection. This is because pus is formed in the middle ear space and the pressure increases. This stretches the thin and delicate eardrum which is very sensitive. Eventually the drum may burst. This occurs with a pinnacle of pain and then a rush of blood and pus.

Rupture of the membrane relieves the pain. Other causes of ear pain include a foreign body in the ear. If a fly or a pea get stuck in the canal it can cause pain. In small children they may not tell you that they have put something in their ear. It is important for them to have an ear examination if their ears are hurting.

Trauma to the ear can also cause you pain. Damage to the skin from a cut or a blow causes the nerves to fire in the area and signal your brain at an injury has occurred.

Always visit your doctor if you have any other problems with your ear.

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