Emergency! My Ear Plugs Don't Fit!

Emergency! My Ear Plugs Don't Fit!

Emergency! My Ear Plugs Don't Fit!

It is a common complaint of many earplug users that their ear plugs don't fit. It is often a problem with the foam variety as these expand in the ears and can be very uncomfortable. The lining of the ear is very sensitive and the thin skin is tightly stuck to the underlying bone. This means that any pressure can be unbearable.

Foam expands in the ear canal and can cause unbearable discomfort in the ear. It can also lead to ear plugs not fitting. Additionally, people with narrow ear canals can be affected more than others. This worsens the pressure effect and can mean that foam ear plugs cannot be inserted far enough into the canal to be effective.

Narrowing of the canals can affect the use of most ear plugs. Wax and soft silicon plugs are will not fit well if this is the situation. It is well worth trying molded ear plugs. If the canals are narrow and other plugs do not fit then molded earplugs are much more likely to be successful.

ZenPlugs have many advantages over other types of molded ear plugs. As each one is moulded to your ears they are comfortable and highly effective. One of the advantages are that they are made at home from a kit. This makes them much less expensive and time consuming than having your ear plugs made by the audiologist.

They are also antibacterial so help to prevent ear infections. As they are moulded to each lump and bump of your ear canal they fit perfectly. The thermoplastic moulds gently to the contours of your ear before setting. This creates a lasting impression which is excellent at excluding water and sound. This means that you can get a good night's sleep or block water, depending on what you are using them for.

Dr Toby Bateson

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