What Would You Take To A Desert Island With You?

What Would You Take To A Desert Island With You?

What Would You Take To A Desert Island With You?

If you could only bring one item to a desert island with you, what would you select? A knife? A coil of rope? Your pillow?

I would most certainly take my molded ear plugs. There are several reasons for this, the first is that a tropical paradise may be beautiful but it is also incredibly noisy. Sleep is difficult during storms and with noisy animals going about their business all night. With my beloved hearing protection close at hand I would be able to sleep happily. Molded ear plugs are far more comfortable and don't stick out from the ears.  This means they are particularly suitable for sleeping because they don't dig in when you lie on your side.

Another reason I want my molded ear plugs on the island is to keep my ears healthy. Being a keen swimmer I would spend my spare time when I'm not looking for food or firewood swimming in a beautiful tree-lined lagoon on the island.

If I swim regularly I will be at high risk of swimmer's ear. This often starts as itchiness and soreness of the outer ear and ear canal.  It then progresses to full infection needing antibiotic treatment. There wouldn't be any doctors or ear drops on the island so I'd need my trusty antibacterial ear plugs to keep my ears dry and free from infection.

I would also be at risk of Mediterranean ear; this is similar to swimmers' ear but is caused by sweat running in my ears and causing infection.

If only I could go!

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