Do Ear Plugs Cause Itching?

Do Ear Plugs Cause Itching?

Do Ear Plugs Cause Itching?

If you have been using earplugs recently and have itchy ears, you may be wondering do earplugs cause itching? The simple answer is; yes they do. Some plugs are worse than others. Foam plugs are probably the worst culprits. Because they are made of a porous foam, moisture, bacteria, fungi and dirt build-up in them. This is what causes the itching. When you wear ear plugs the temperature of your ear canal goes up slightly. It also becomes more moist as the air cannot circulate.

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The result of this is that the ear becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. As these multiply they create by-products which cause the irritation. As the earplugs are taken in and out of the ears and put down in mucky places, more bacteria can be introduced. Another way in which a plug can cause itching is by the mechanical effects on the skin. Foam, again, is the worst culprit here. This is because it expands in the ear canal. It presses hard on the delicate skin which lines the ear. Here skin is tightly stuck to the bone underneath, making it particularly sensitive to pressure and damage.

The surface of the foam plugs can be slightly abrasive. When they are placed in and out of the ear they rub. If you have inflammation in your ear already, for example from a mild ear infection, the skin is more easily damaged. Scratched and rubbed skin is more likely to become irritated and itchy.

So what is the solution?

ZenPlugs moulded earplugs solves these problems. Many of our customers who have had itchy ears in the past, particular from swimmer's ear, find great relief using our plugs. There are several reasons for this. The first is that our ear plugs are antibacterial. This means that they kill all the bugs known to cause infections. The second reason is that they are moulded to your ears and so do not expand or press on the delicate skin lining your ears.

The third reason is that the plugs are wipe clean. The plastic is non-porous and so does not accumulate earwax, dirt and moisture. They can be washed under the tap and wiped clean.

If you have sore itchy ears from wearing ear plugs regularly try a pair of ZenPlugs. This could sort the problem out for good.

This article is not to be treated as medical advice. If you believe you may have an infection or other medical problem please see your doctor.

Dr Toby Bateson