ZenPlugs DJ Ear Plugs Review

If you're a DJ you need to protect your hearing with a good pair of DJ Ear Plugs.  Repeatedly playing in clubs can result in exposure to loud music and can cause tinnitus and noise-induced hearing loss which may be irreversible.  ZenPlugs Moulded DJ Ear Plugs are great under headphones as they don't protrude from the ear canals.

Noise-induced hearing loss is initially temporary, but may become permanent with prolonged and repeated exposure.  Most of us have been to a club or concert and left with ringing ears and muffled hearing.  Do this too often and the damage becomes permanent.  Tinnitus can have significant negative effect on your life, resulting in depression, anxiety, poor sleep and relationship problems.  There is no effective treament so make sure you prevent the damage in the first place by wearing a good pair of DJ earplugs.


I bought a set of ZenPlugs in January and think they are extremely good. They fall out less frequently than other varieties and are generally comfortable.


Mark Mathewson



 'Wow, thanks for the super speedy reply, rarely do you see a company answer a question that quickly these days. Will definitely recommend you to others based on the service received.



Harjinder Tanday'