Does Wearing Ear Plugs Every Night Cause Ear Infections?

Does Wearing Ear Plugs Every Night Cause Ear Infections?

Does Wearing Ear Plugs Every Night Cause Ear Infections?

People are often concerned that wearing ear plugs every night can lead to problems. In some situations you may find yourself with ear infections. This is particularly the case if you are prone to them. Skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis make this more likely. Wearing earplugs every night in itself is not necessarily going to cause ear infections.

Certain types of ear plugs are more likely to cause problems than others. Foam ear plugs are probably the worst culprits. This is because they are porous and so get damp and covered in bugs. Because they are in your ears they do not dry out properly for some time. The bacteria and germs stuck to them grow and lead to itching and soreness. They come from your fingers, ears and anywhere you put your earplugs down.

So what can you do about it? ZenPlugs are the answer. They are far more hygienic than other types of ear plugs. You can wipe them clean and they contain a great antibacterial so they are much less likely to cause infections than other types of ear plugs. The thermoplastic used to make them is non-porous and so does not retain moisture and bacteria. There is nowhere for the bugs to hide.

The silver-based antibacterial Steritouch is great for killing all the bacteria which cause infections. It lasts as long as the plugs.

Other types of products are nowhere near as hygienic. Wax or soft silicon can build up dirt and germs. They quickly become grumpy and discovered after only a few uses. Hair and dead skin builds up quickly.  They cannot be washed and need to be replaced frequently. This means that they can become an expensive option in the long run. The cost per use of moulded ear plugs is far less.

Summary. Does wearing ear plugs every night cause ear infections? Yes, for some people. If it is a problem for you get yourself some ZenPlugs moulded earplugs to save yourself the suffering.

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