Why I Love My Zenplugs Earplugs

Why I Love My Zenplugs Earplugs

Why I Love My Zenplugs Earplugs

ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs use a completely new way of making molded ear plugs. 

The process has a patent pending on it so it is unique but also straight-forward.  It gives you great, practical ear plugs at home in only minutes.  The ear plugs are spot-on for sleeping, surfing and any time a pair of comfortable ear plugs is needed.

As they are highly antibacterial they are effective at preventing the dreaded swimmer's ear as well as other ear infections.  The bug-killing Steritouch is a silver-based compound which lasts for years. It is non-toxic to humans but kills MRSA and other infection-causing bacteria.

As they keep water and cold air out of your ear canals they are ideal when it comes to the prevention of surfer's ear.  This is the body's response to the cold when it creates bony lumps around the outside of the canal.  Unfortunately this can lead lead to deafness but it is preventable through wearing ear plugs and a surfing cap.  If the problem develops it can be reversed by having an operation on the ears.  This is painful and does not protect the surfer against the problem developing again.  This means they need to continue to take precautions even after the surgery.

They last for years and are made for each of your ears, one at a time so they have a tight fitted seal.  This is remarkably comfortable and absolutely brilliant at keeping water and sound out.  The kit is supplied with a lanyard so you can join your plugs together and tie them to your bag or wetsuit so you don't lose them.

Available in multiple vivid colours they are great fun and show up easily if you drop them on the floor, carpet or the beach.

Make your ears happy for years to come with a comfortable, antibacterial pair of ZenPlugs.

ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs
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