Causes Of Itchy Ears

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Many people find that their ears get itchy. What are the causes of itchy ears?

- Eczema.

This is a common skin disorder. It is a type of dermatitis where the skin becomes dry and cracks. The inflammation causes itching and the skin peels off. Sore ears attract scratching fingers but this can make the problem worse. Infection may be introduced by germs on fingers. Visit your doctor if this is a problem for you. They will probably look in your ears for signs of dermatitis. These include flaking of skin and redness. They may prescribe you some drops containing a steroid.

- Swimmers ear.

This is a common problem amongst those who spend time in the water. Whether this is for recreation or as part of a job then problems can occur when the ears repeatedly becomes wet. Skin lining the ear is delicate and easily becomes waterlogged. This breaks down the defensive skin layer. Germs can get in and cause infection. Chlorine and other irritants in the water can make the problem worse. Wear swimming earplugs to protect yourself from the condition.

- Soap and shampoo.

When you wash your hair a small amount of soap may get in your ears. You may not be aware of this. It is more of a problem if you use a shampoo which is left on for a few minutes. For example some dandruff shampoo or caffeine hair growth stimulation shampoos. The soap dissolves the waxy layer and breaks down the skin. This causes itching and irritation. You could avoid the shampoos, leave them on for less time. Make sure you rinse your ears afterwards. Otherwise wear some waterproof earplugs in the shower.  ZenPlugs are ideal for this because they are waterproof and form a tight seal with your ears.  They are also antibacterial so help protect you against ear infections.