Ear Plugs For Sleeping Reviews


Ear Plugs For Sleeping Reviews

Ear Plugs For Sleeping Reviews

Quality sleep is essential for wellbeing but for some people it can be hard to get. If you live near a busy road or have a partner who snores you may be woken frequently at night leading to tiredness, grumpiness and irritability. Chronic loss of sleep can even cause anxiety and depression.

A good pair of ear plugs is the solution.  It is important that they are comfortable when lying on your side in bed, as well as being excellent at blocking the sound of snoring. ZenPlugs are ideal as they are both of these as well as being antibacterial. This can keep your ears healthy and prevent ear infections even if you wear your plugs all night, every day of the week.


Sleeping Ear Plugs Reviews

ZenPlugs are versatile ear plugs which are great for a variety of uses including, sleeping, working, and in water.  ZenPlugs are;

  • Made from a high density thermoplastic which is amazingly good at blocking snoring and other nocturnal noises
  • Incredibly comfortable, even when lying on your side because they don't protrude from your ears
  • Safely antibacterial to prevent ear infections
  • Great colours; much easier to find when you drop them on the bedroom carpet
  • Long-lasting; give you years of peaceful sleep


They are comfortable when lying on your side.  They are also effective at blocking sound from your ears.  They also contain Steritouch, an antibacterial compound.  The following ear plug reviews are from eBay customers.  Many other varieties of ear plugs which are sold as sleeping ear plugs are not ideal.  This is because they protrude from the ears.  They hurt when lying on your side and get pulled out when you turn over in bed.  ZenPlugs are designed especially not to protrude.  They can be easily removed from the ears using the soft handles made by cutting the cord short.  Because you can remold them as often as you wish you can change the size of the plugs so they suit you.


Frequent ear plug users may find that their ears become itchy and sore; early signs of ear infections.  This can happen due to irritation from ear plugs and retained moisture and canal debris.  ZenPlugs are made with an antibacterial compound.  They are washable which makes them far more hygienic than other types of ear plugs.  Most ear plugs for sleeping are not antibacterial.  They are often are porous with dirt and dead skin building up. This makes them a breeding ground for bacteria.  ZenPlugs the ideal choice for sleeping.

ZenPlugs Ear Plugs For Sleeping Reviews;

Dear Sir:

May I say I’m delighted with the ZenPlugs ear plug product.  I am extremely impressed with the thoughtful packaging and directions. There is amazing attention to detail as regards the kit!

As for the performance of the ear plugs themselves, they work marvellously.  There is no pressure or discomfort at all.

Bravo to you and your team.


Richard Liebowitz, Falmouth UK



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'These are incredible! Just buy some! fast delivery!'
From wayney608

'Fun and easy to make. They work really well.'
From gsxr1100t

'Excellent item, just as described, thanks!'
From fellrunningcats


ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs

ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs are comfortable and effective.  Ideal for sleeping, snoring, swimming, surfing and any whenever you need a reliable pair of antibacterial ear plugs.

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