Swimming Earplugs Reviews

Swimming Earplugs Reviews

Swimming Earplugs Reviews

Swimming earplugs need to be non-porous, waterproof and well-fitting.  This is so they will be effective at preventing swimmers' ear. ZenPlugs are comfortable and effective at keeping water out of your ears.  This is ideal if you are a keen swimmer.  They also last for years.

ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs from ZenPlugs are;

  • Super-effective at keeping water and bacteria out of your ears
  • Made especially for your ears so are unbelievably comfortable
  • Antibacterial; actually kill all the types of bacteria causing swimmer's ear
  • Conveniently joined on a cord so you don't lose them if they come out
  • Contrasting colours make them easy to find
  • Last for years of healthy ears

Repeatedly entering warm chlorinated swimming pool water or dirty sea water is not good for your ears.  It breaks down the waxy protective lining of the ear canal. It also softens the underlying squamous epithelium (skin) allowing bacteria to penetrate.  This causes inflammation and infection; swimmers' ear.  The early signs are itching and soreness.  Seek medical advice at this stage before it progresses to pain, discharge and reduced hearing.  Ear plugs help by keeping water out of the ears, protecting the ears own defensive mechanisms.  Make sure you read several ear plug reviews before buying.


What Are The Different Types Of Swimming Ear Plugs?

Many other types of ear plugs aren't so good for swimming.


  • Foam.  These are clearly unsuitable as water can easily penetrate into the ear canal. 
  • Wax. This type of ear plugs is often sold for swimming and they are effective at keeping water from the ears.  Unfortunately, because they are so soft and sticky they tend to leave residue on the fingers and ears.  They also trap hair and become discoloured and grey/brown after only a few uses.  This shortens their life and makes them expensive in the long-run as they need to be replaced frequently. 
  •  Soft silicon.  This type of soft putty ear plug is similar to the wax variety and has similar characteristics.
  • Rubber. Flanged rubber earplugs are designed to keep water out of the ears.  Unfortunately they tend to be uncomfortable due to the rigidity of the central handle.  The rubber can sometimes deteriorate in soapy or chlorinated water, reducing their life span.
  • Thermoplastic. ZenPlugs are made from a super-waterproof thermoplastic which molds beautifully to your ears and lasts for years.  They are much better value for money than the other varieties listed here.  They last longer, are more comfortable and more effective.  The built-in antibacterial effect keeps you free of swimmer's ear and the plugs are easily joined on a cord.  This can be tied to your wetsuit zip or kit bag.  The best choice all round.

ZenPlugs Moulded Swimming Earplugs Reviews

Dear Sir:

May I say I’m delighted with the ZenPlugs ear plug product.  I am extremely impressed with the thoughtful packaging and directions.  There is amazing attention to detail as regards the kit!

As for the performance of the ear plugs themselves, they work marvellously.  There is no pressure or discomfort at all.

Bravo to you and your team.


Richard Liebowitz, Falmouth UK


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'These are incredible! Just buy some! fast delivery!'
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'Fun and easy to make. They work really well.'
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'Excellent item, just as described, thanks!'
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ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs

ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs are comfortable and effective.  Ideal for sleeping, snoring, swimming, surfing and any whenever you need a reliable pair of antibacterial ear plugs.

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