Is Tinnitus Preventable?

Tinnitus is the medical name for the sound of ringing, whooshing or humming in the ears. There are many causes, some of them are preventable. Causes which are not preventable include hereditary and Menieres disease.

Three causes which are preventable include.

Noise-induced hearing loss.

Is Tinnitus Preventable?

Is Tinnitus Preventable?

This is deafness and tinnitus from exposure to loud noises. This can easily be prevented by either avoiding the noise or wearing hearing protection such as earplugs.

Arterial narrowing.

Narrowing of the vessels near the ear can lead to a whooshing sound in the ear. This is because the blood flowing through the arteries has to squeeze through a narrow gap and this causes turbulence. This results in a whooshing noise. Known as atherosclerosis, the problem is preventable. You can do this by having a good diet, exercising and avoiding smoking and excessive drinking.

Trauma from syringeing.

Impacted earwax is often syringed to remove it. The wax is softened with drops and water squirted into the ears in order to remove it. Tinnitus is a recognised side-effect of having the ears syringed.  Fortunately it is often temporary but sometimes it can be permanent.  It is easily avoided in this situation by having the ears suctioned instead.