I've Got Noisy Neighbours! Which Ear Plugs Are Best For Sleeping?

It can be really hard getting a good nights sleep. It is particularly important if you have been working hard and have a busy day tomorrow. Stress at work and having lots to do next day can worsen the situation. If you finally drop off don't risk being woken up by noise.

Neighbour's parties and dogs barking can be a problem. It is definitely worth getting the best ear plugs for blocking noise at night. But which ear plugs are best for sleeping?

It's definitely not the foam type. These tend to push themselves out at night so they end up on your pillow. This wakes you up. They can also be uncomfortable because they expand and press on your ear. They also only last a few days before needing replacement.

Wax and soft silicon types aren't ideal either. They tend to be sticky and get stuck to the pillow. Hair gets caught in them and they become dirty and discoloured after only a few uses. This type don't last long either!

So which ear plugs are the best for sleeping? Molded ear plugs are the best by far. They are also the most comfortable. This is because each is custom made for your ears. They follow the lumps and bumps of your canals. This is unlike the foam ones which press on them. They are also very effective at keeping sound out.

ZenPlugs are better than many other types of molded plugs. This is because they are antibacterial ear plugs and cost far less. Because you make them from a kit at home they cost nothing like visiting the audiologist to have your molds done.

The antibacterial effect stops bugs in their tracks. This prevents the itchy ears you might have experienced if you wear ear plugs regularly. The plugs are available from the ZenPlugs website.

ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs

ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs are comfortable and effective.  Ideal for sleeping, snoring, swimming, surfing and any whenever you need a reliable pair of antibacterial ear plugs.

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