Which Are The Best Custom-Fitted Surfer's Ear Plugs?

Surfing is a popular sport in many parts of the world. Unfortunately it can really take it's toll on the ears. There are two main problems caused by surfing; these are infection and deafness. Both of these can be caused by surfer's ear. This is when the canal becomes narrowed due to new bone forming around the outside of the ear.

Bizarrely the ear canal responds to the cold by growing these bony lumps. They gradually close the canal up. The individual may not notice the problem at first.  It may become clear when the narrowing reaches 90% and deafness occurs. Infection is more likely because the narrowing keeps the canal wet for longer. Dead skin also builds up, making a great breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. Seawater is also laden with bacteria and so can also introduce infection in this way.

Both surfer's ear and infection can be prevented by wearing a good pair of custom-fitted surfer's ear plugs such as ZenPlugs. These are moulded to each ear and so are very comfortable and effective at blocking water and bacteria. They prevent surfers ear when worn in conjunction with a surfing cap. It is important to keep the whole area around the ear warm in order to prevent the problem.

ZenPlugs are highly effective and cost far less than having your ear plugs made at the audiologist.  You can buy them from Amazon using the button on the right.

ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs
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