The Surfer's Ear Problem

Surfer' ear is a chronic problem causing deafness in sea swimmers.  It affects the majority of serious surfers who have been indulging in the sport for many years.  The ear canals respond to the coldness by forming tiny bony spurs around the opening. These slowly enlarge until they close up the canal altogether. People with the problem may not notice until the opening is reduced by 90%. At this point deafness starts to occur.

The second issue is recurrent, prolonged ear infections which are difficult to treat.  Because the opening is so narrow the debris which accumulates in the canal doesn't clear and the drying time is prolonged.  The warm, damp conditions promote the growth of bacteria and fungi and it can be very hard to get drops in the canal due to the narrowing.

Treatment can be unpleasant and involves chiseling the bone away.  It is clearly favourable to prevent surfer's ear in the first place. ZenPlugs Molded Surfing Ear Plugs are perfect for keeping your ear canals healthy.  This is because they are antibacterial and brilliant at keeping wind and water away from your ears.

Many surfer's find that those who surf a certain shoreline will be more affected in one ear than the other. This will be the one which faces into the prevailing wind.  It is important to wear a cap as well as earplugs for surfing as the mastoid bone behind the ear needs to be keep warm as well.  Chiseling the ears once does not stop recurrence if the individual continues to expose themselves to risk.