Tips On Defeating The Dreaded Surfer's Ear

ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs
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It is very important to wear earplugs when you are surfing. Otherwise you may end up with surfer's ear. This is a condition where the ear canals become narrower. The bone in the ear canals respond to the cold wind and water by growing new lumps around the opening. The narrowing which forms causes deafness and ear infections.  What a lot of surfers don't realise is that they must wear a cap as well as plugs to prevent the condition.

The other tip is that surfers can get the problem any time of the year.  This is because it is caused by water evaporating from the ear.  This happens even in warm weather, and in tropical waters.  Unfortunately many people don't want to hear this.  The evidence shows that if you don't want surfer's ear you need to wear plugs and a cap all year round, wherever you surf.

Most sufferers will not be aware that they have the disease for some time. It often becomes apparent when the narrowing reaches 90%. At this point deafness becomes noticeable. Ear infections become more common due to the canal taking longer to dry out. As well as this dead skin builds up. This makes a great breeding ground for bugs and fungus.

ZenPlugs ear plugs make a good choice for reducing surfer's ear.  They have a double action against the condition. They protect against water and infection. The close fitting moulded plugs create a barrier against water. They also contain an antibacterial which kills bugs.

They are connected on a cord so you are less likely to lose them if they fall out on the beach. They last for years, unlike many other varieties. Because they are moulded they fit your ears perfectly and are more likely to stay in other types of earplugs.