What Causes Tinnitus, It's Driving Me Nuts!

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Tinnitus is a common problem. People often describe it as a ringing in their ears. and the word actually comes from the Latin for ring. However, people often say that the sound is actually a buzzing or humming. Here are a few possible causes of tinnitus.

1) Noise induced hearing loss.

This is when people develop tinnitus associated with deafness caused by noise. Excessive levels such as those experienced in clubs and pubs can cause the problem. Musicians and drivers of vintage open top cars are at risk unless they wear ear plugs.

2) Syringing.

Syringing of the ears can cause tinnitus. Many times this will gradually improve but sometimes it becomes permanent. As a result syringing is no longer recommended. Suctioning of wax is definitely preferable as it does not have this side effect.

3) Foreign body.

A pea or fly in the ear can cause tinnitus. This may be due to the buzzing of an insect. Alternatively it could be due to stimulation of the eardrum. Treatment is through removal of the foreign body by a doctor.

4) Narrowing of the arteries.

Occasionally athrosclerosis can cause the problem. Turbulence of blood in the vessels near the ear can cause a whooshing sound. Sufferers would benefit from treatment to the artery.

If you think you may have an ear condition make sure you consult your doctor.