What Actually Causes The Sound Of Snoring?

Snoring can cause a terrible problem for many people. If you live with a snorer your sleep may often be disturbed. In some severe cases, even the neighbours are woken up.

So what causes the sound of snoring? When people fall asleep all the muscles in the body relax. This is something most people are aware of. As well as the muscles of your arms and legs the muscles in your throat and neck also relaxed. This leads to the airway becoming obstructed during sleep. The throat becomes floppy and the soft tissues lining it gets in the way of the airflow. This causes it to vibrate and flap in the breeze. This leads to the typical sound of snoring.

People who live with snorers would definitely benefit from a good pair of ear plugs. Many types of earplugs are not suitable for sleeping in. These include the foam variety. This is because they protrude from the ears. When rolling over in bed they are often pushed into the ear causing discomfort. Otherwise they get pulled from the ear by friction on the pillow. Both of these things can lead to waking up. Moulded earplugs are a much better choice for sleeping in. ZenPlugs are designed not to protrude from the ear and so are very comfortable in bed. They are also antibacterial so can protect against itching and soreness.

Very loud snoring can be a sign of obstructive sleep apnoea. If you or your partner snores very loudly and stops breathing for a few seconds at a time during sleep then you must see a doctor. Sleep apnoea can cause high blood pressure and can shorten your life. It can make you more likely to have a stroke or heart attack. Your doctor can recommend treatments which can help. They may also help you to reduce risk factors.