What Causes Surfer's Ear?

If you are a regular surfer then you will be aware of surfer's ear. Whether you choose to defend yourself against it or not, it is something that you may well know about. It is surprisingly common, with most lifelong surfers being affected by it.

What Causes Surfer's Ear?

Many are not aware of the condition developing until the narrowing of their canal reaches 90%. At this stage some deafness may start to be noticeable. The problem occurs because of the effects of cold wind and water on the ear. The bone of the ear canal reacts by growing small bony lumps around the opening to the canal. This gradually closes it over resulting in deafness and more ear infections.

Ear infections occur due to retention of water and debris in the canal. The narrowing at the opening keeps dead skin and water in the ear for longer. This creates an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.

In order to prevent the condition you will need to buy a good pair of surfing earplugs. You should also wear a neoprene hood pulled down low over your ears and the bone behind them. ZenPlugs are excellent for this purpose. They are waterproof, antibacterial and molded to you individually.  This makes them super comfortable and great at keeping water out.

The plugs can be connected using the cord which is provided in the kit. This means that you are far less likely to lose them as they are connected together. The cord can be tied to the zipper on your wetsuit or the handle of your bag. This will help keep them in your possession whilst you travel about. ZenPlugs are brightly coloured so you can spot them easily when they are lying in the foot well of your VW camper van.