What Makes A Good Pair Of Ear Plugs?

What Makes A Good Pair Of Ear Plugs?

What Makes A Good Pair Of Ear Plugs?

The answer to this question depends on what you are planning to use them for. The uses can be divided into two broad categories. These are blocking sound and blocking water.

The main features of a good pair of ear plugs are comfort and effectiveness. This is true whatever you use them for.

If you are using the plugs to protect you against swimmer's ear they need to be waterproof and kill germs. Ideally they should be connected on a cord so you don't lose them. ZenPlugs are ideal in this situation.  Swimmer's ear is a common complaint amongst those who swim regularly.  It usually starts as a mild itch; this is a warning to take evasive action; keep out of the water or wear a good pair of antibacterial ear plugs.  Try not to poke anything in your ears.  This can introduce more bacteria and cause damage to the fragile skin.  It is more prone to be broken. This is due to the inflammation which is already present.

If you are using them in bed they should be good at blocking noise. They should also be comfortable when you roll on your side. ZenPlugs are also ideal here because they are formed from a high density material which is excellent at blocking sound from the ears.  Because they are brightly coloured they are easy to find.

For festival earplugs they are ideal as they are brightly coloured. You can find them easily if you drop them in the mud. They are strong so will not break if trodden on or left in the bottom of your bag.

Motorcyclists will also enjoy a pair of molded ear plugs from ZenPlugs.  They don't protrude from your ears. This means they stay in when you take your helmet on and off.

Because they are each molded to your ears, one at a time they are supremely comfortable. They also stay in really well.  This is a boon if you are wearing them whilst highly active, for example whilst surfing or swimming. Because they are made from a resilient thermoplastic they last for years and don't deteriorate with water or sweat. The Steritouch is ideal. This is because it kills all the bacteria known to cause ear infections.

The ZenPlugs website has a huge range of posts. These include swimmer's ear, surfer's ear and other ear problems. Pop in for advice on how to prevent these maladies and protect your hearing at the same time.