OMG I've Never Heard Such Loud Snoring!

Snoring can ruin your sleep. If you have a partner who snores you might find yourself chronically sleep deprived. This can lead to anxiety and depression. Poor performance at work may also occur due to lack of concentration and exhaustion. Your relationship may also suffer due to resentment and snappiness during the day.

Any snoring can be disruptive if you are a light sleeper. Very loud snoring can be a problem for everyone, even the neighbours. It can be a sign of obstructive sleep apnoea.

OSA is a common disease which affects many people. During sleep the upper airways shut. This leads to very loud snoring when the obstruction is not full. As sleep deepens the airways may shut completely and breathing may stop. This is apnea.

It usually only lasts for a few seconds and there may be see-sawing of the chest and tummy. This happens because when the diaphragm moves up and down under the lungs no air moves in and out of the mouth. This means the chest moves in and out in the opposite direction instead.

Loud snoring is associated with alcohol and obesity. Both of these also are risk factors for OSA. Lose weight, drink less and the snoring will improve.

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