Top Tips On Choosing Swimming Ear Plugs

Some people who swim regularly end up with sore and itchy ears. These are early signs of swimmer's ear. If left unchecked this can progress to an infection which needs treatment. If the necessary steps are taken at this early stage the problem can be reversed. You could keep out of the water. Instead the problem could be prevented in the first place by wearing ear plugs for swimming.

Which ear plugs are best for swimming? There are a huge variety to choose from. This can make the task difficult. Wax and soft silicon are often recommended for swimming but in our experience they tend to be sticky and get stuck on clothes and in long hair. They also get dirty and discoloured after only a few uses. This makes them expensive in the long run as they need replacing often.

Moulded ear plugs are the best choice for regular swimmers. This is because they fit perfectly and last for years. ZenPlugs in fact even have a special double action against swimmer's ear. As well as blocking water effectively they are even antibacterial making them perfect to prevent swimmer's ear. As you can make them in yourself at home in a few minutes they save you time and money compared with visiting the audiologist.

ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs

ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs are comfortable and effective.  Ideal for sleeping, snoring, swimming, surfing and any whenever you need a reliable pair of antibacterial ear plugs.

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