ZenPlugs Sleeping Earplugs Reviews

ZenPlugs Patent Pending Molded Sleeping Ear Plugs are unique and state-of-the-art.

ZenPlugs Sleeping Earplugs Reviews

ZenPlugs Sleeping Earplugs Reviews

  • Superb snoring-blocking ability
  • Excellent comfort, even when lying on your side
  • Antibacterial, can help prevent otitis externa
  • Bright colours available
  • Bring you years of happy ears and peaceful nights

ZenPlugs Earplugs are great for sleeping in as they don't protrude from your ear so are comfortable when lying on your side.  They are colourful and antibacterial which help reduce the chance of ear infection.  They effectively block the sound of snoring and will mask the noise coming from the neighbours' party at 2am.

Nocturnal noise is a common cause of insomnia which can, in turn, lead to depression and anxiety.  Chronic tiredness can lead to poor performance at work and relationship breakdown so it's worth tackling it in the early stages with some good ear plugs.

Snoring is difficult to cure; it's much easier to wear some decent hearing protection.  Snoring is caused by the loose skin of the soft palate at the back of the roof of the mouth and around the pharynx and larnyx (upper airways) vibrating as the air passes over it.  Obesity, alcohol, sedatives such as sleeping tablets and diabetes are all risk factors for snoring and sleep apnoea.  If this problem affects you or someone you know you must seek medical advice as the risk of stroke (cerebro-vascular event) and heart attack (myocardial infarction) is increased.

'I sure use my ZenPlugs every night.... for me it means I can now share a bed with my partner !!!! one of the best £20 I've ever spent :):)'

From Annette Kingston via email