What Makes My Earphones Hurt And Fall Out?

What Makes My Earphones Hurt And Fall Out?

What Makes My Earphones Hurt And Fall Out?

Many in-the-ear earphone users find that they cause pain and often don't stay in too well.  This is particularly during exercise such as jogging, running, aerobics and in the gym.  So what makes your earphones hurt and fall out?

- The one-size-fits-all approach to earphones usually turns out to be one-size-fits-none.  This is because most earbuds are circular and stony hard and people's ear canal openings are oval and sensitive.  People jam them in harder to try to make them stay in but this adds to the discomfort by creating pressure areas.

- Whilst exercising the MP3 music player jumps about, pulling out the earphones.

- Sweaty ears lubricate the 'phones, making them more likely to slide out.

So what to do?

Custom molded fitted earphones are ideal for keeping your earphones comfortable and in your ears.  Because they are custom shaped to each of your ears there are no high pressure areas. They fit like the metaphorical key and lock, staying in, even while exercising.

ZenPlugs Molded Earphones can even be made at home in a few minutes, saving you time and money on visiting the grouchy audiologist.  ZenPlugs patent-pending process is far easier than those used by other molded earphone kits.  Many of the other kits give variable results but ZenPlugs are designed to give a good fit every time.  If you aren't happy then ZenPlugs will give you your money back.

The unique product also contains an antibacterial.  This means that they will protect you from sore and itchy ears.  People find that this can be a problem when they use their earphones for long periods of time.  The condition is called otitis externa.  These symptoms are the early signs of infection. If you think you may have an ear infection you should visit your doctor.

Treat yourself to a pair of ZenPlugs Molded Earphones and banish painful earphones forever.