What Causes My Ears To Itch After I've Been Swimming?

What Causes My Ears To Itch After I've Been Swimming?

What Causes My Ears To Itch After I've Been Swimming?

Itchy ears are common after swimming; this is an early sign of swimmer's ear.  The itching can progress to an infection if you keep getting your ears wet or poke dirty fingers into them.  Warm, soapy, chlorinated and polluted water are all more likely to cause problems.

Prevent the problem by wearing ear plugs for swimming.  These need to be waterproof; the foam ones won't do.  Ideally they should be antimicrobial like ZenPlugs, although most aren't.  ZenPlugs are also connected on a string so you can easily find them; you can tie them onto a wetsuit zip if you are wearing one.

ZenPlugs have a unique double action against swimmer's ear.  They block water AND kill bacteria.  This makes them excellent at preventing the condition.  They last for years and so make an excellent investment.  They are better value than most other ear plugs because they can be used hundreds of times before needing replacement.

Signs of swimmer's ear include;

  • Redness
  • Pain
  • Soreness
  • Itching
  • Discharge
  • Deafness

Discharge may be watery, bloody or have pus in it. Deafness and hearing reduction occurs because of slough accumulation inside the canal of the ear.

Take precautions at an early stage and make sure you visit your GP if you think you might have an ear infection.  They will consider giving you ear drops. They may contain antibiotics and possibly a steroid to reduce inflammation and an antifungal agent like vinegar.  Only occasionally is otitis externa severe enough to require antibiotics by mouth in addition to drops.