Molded Ear Plugs And Their Benefits

The molded ear plug is by far the best variety being superior to foam and other varieties; there are many reasons for this.

Versatility.  The incredible sound attenuation properties and the excellent water blocking abilities make molded ear plugs ideal for every time a good pair of ear plugs are required. 

Comfort.  Being fitted uniquely for ear ear results in the plugs being the most comfortable you will find.

Stay in your ears.  Fitting like the metaphorical glove and hand, molded plugs lock into place. This is because they keep the shape of every bump and groove of your ear canal.  This makes them really useful for sports such as swimming when you may be moving around a lot.  Foam ear plugs are notorious for falling out whilst you are asleep, waking you up when you can hear the terrible racket from the party over the road.  This is because the foam expands, pushing the plug out.

Hygiene.   ZenPlugs molded ear plugs are wipe-clean due to the high density thermoplastic used.  It is non-porous so is easily cleaned.  They also include a really good germ-killing agent.  It will actively defend you against ear infections however long you use the ear plugs for.

Reduced losability.  Vividly coloured and connected on a string, the ZenP

lugs are difficult to lose, making them a boon on the beach or in the swimming pool.