Custom Littmann Stethoscope Earpieces Are More Comfortable

Many people find that their stethoscope earpieces hurt the ears and come off easily. This is because they are often of low quality and tend to be round, whereas people they canals are usually oval. As well as this the spring in the arm of the stethoscope tends to press hard into the ear.

So what can you do to prevent this? ZenPlugs have come up with a kit to make your own custom Littmann stethoscope earpieces at home. This saves a fortune if you compare it with visiting your audiology clinic for your molds to be made. Because they are customised for each ear they are far more comfortable. Each earpiece is moulded and so spreads the load from the spring in the arm of your stethoscope over a larger area. This makes them far more comfortable. Because they are antibacterial ear infections from stethoscope use are less common. The earpieces are much more hygienic.  You can buy them from the ZenPlugs website.

Custom Littmann stethoscope earpieces are a great way to personalise your stethoscope and they stay on much better than that the usual earpieces. This is because they are moulded onto the arm of your stethoscope. They make a great gift idea for a doctor, nurse, safecracker or anyone else who uses a stethoscope regularly.