Can Stethoscopes Cause Ear Infections?

Can Stethoscopes Cause Ear Infections?

Can Stethoscopes Cause Ear Infections?

Stethoscope-associated otitis externa is an infection of the outer ear and ear canal. It is caused by stethoscopes.  It is not unusual and happens for several reasons.

  • Not keeping the stethoscope clean.  Doctors are often careful to wash their hands between patients but seldom clean their stethoscopes.  Bacteria from patients can cause ear infections.
  • Sharing stethoscopes.  Bugs can be passed from ear to ear when you share your stethoscope.
  • Epithelial trauma.  The stethoscope earpiece can cause harm to the delicate skin lining your ear canal, making ear infection more likely. 

Early signs of infection include soreness and itching.  This can progress to weeping, pain, swelling and redness. Muffled hearing may occur from accumulated debris inside the ear.

So what can you do to protect yourself?

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