Applications For Custom Fitted Molded Ear Plugs

Applications For Custom Fitted Molded Ear Plugs

The custom fitted molded ear plug is certainly the most versatile in its' applications.  They are comfortable and good at keeping water and sound away from the delicate ear. They can be used anytime, anywhere and whenever you need a general purpose set of ear plugs.

ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs are ideal for use in bed because they are effective at blocking the sound of snoring.  They also keep other nocturnal noises from your ears.  These could be the neighbour's 40th birthday party or their dog barking at 4am. They don't stick out from the sides of your head so are comfortable even when you roll onto your side.

If you are in training for an athletic event you will benefit from a few good night's sleep when you are training so you can perform at your best.  Without this your time and effort may be wasted; use ear plugs to make sure you get some rest.

When you have important meetings for work, wear ear plugs the night before to make sure you are well rested and can make the best decisions.

ZenPlugs are ideal all-round ear plugs which are even antibacterial, giving them the edge over other molded ear plug kits.  Available in several bright colours you can buy a set for every outfit and occasion.  Because they are easily connected with a cord you won't lose them if one comes out in bed or in the sea.